RFM – new exciting formats and designs coming soon

RFM did well in 2016. Being a new brand and in a very crowded space, it still managed to win many hearts with their high quality stitching smartphone bags and innovative shields that protects bicycles and smart devices for busy executives.

This year, they launched many new designs in the Taipei Bike Show and RFM now extends products for outdoor sports that goes beyond cycling and running. one notable is the IPX7

From IPX7 smartphone armbands to really cool looking Kargo bag that can be mounted onto the seat post and yet look good strapped to your back. RFM now has bags for outdoor needs.


Edco is getting popular among athletes

Edco is proud to support individual cyclists, triathletes and cycling teams!
edco Official Teams for 2017


Team TIBCO – Silicon Valley Bank


Sport Vlaanderen Baloise


Monkey Town CT

Delta Cycling Rotterdam

Team EDCO Continental Racing
Caja Rural Seguros RGA
Catford CC Equipe/Banks
Destil – Jo Piels
WPGA Wielerploeg Groot Amsterdam

edco Athletes
Leanda Cave

Four-Time World Champion
Erik Merino

Professional Triathlete
Nick Stöpler

Six Day Racing
Wim Stroetinga

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New accessories from Tern

Wet weather upon us. No issues. Tern has lined up new designs and accessories for commuting. Special mention of a very affordable Flashlight mount for those who have army grade flashlights and who ride.


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 Dry Goods bag S$155 

The successor to the Commute Bag.

  • 100% waterproof roll-top design sporting sonically welded seams
  • Securely locks onto all Tern and KLICKfix-compatible rear racks
  • Excels as a standalone bag, thanks to its comfortable messenger strap and soft sidewalls
  • Easy-access waterproof outer pocket for phone, keys, or wallet
  • Expandable outer mesh pocket for quick storage
  • Holds up to 11.2 L (683.5 cu in) of gear and groceries

The Storm Cover S$29 gives you high-viz waterproof protection for all your panniers, baskets, and backpacks.

  •     Waterproof ripstop construction for durable all-weather protection
  •     Reflective accents and high-viz yellow fabric for maximum visibility at night or in heavy rain
  •     Optimized for the Tern Kontti Basket, Tern Kori Basket, and Tern Big Mouth Pannier
  •     Designed to fit all panniers and backpacks up to 35 L (2136 cu in) for extra versatility
  •     Elastic cinch string and nylon strap for snug security

The QuickCover S$39 lets you roll, store, or carry your bike while covered. It’s light and compact, but delivers a world of convenience.

  •     Zips on and off in seconds—so you can roll, store, and carry your covered bike
  •     Lightweight with integrated stuff-sack for always-available convenience
  •     Unique design covers the bike, but leaves the bottom open—so it’s ready to roll
  •     Drawstring closure for a snug fit
  •     Fits 20” (M), 24” and 26″ (L) Tern bikes, even with racks and fendersWeighs only 174 g (M) or 187 g (L)

Biologic Flashlight mount S$5

  •   Attach a mini-flashlight quickly and securely to your handlebar
  •     Velcro fastening system goes on and off in seconds
  •     Fits a wide variety of mini-flashlight sizes



Michelin Road and MTB series hits Singapore authorised dealers

Yes it has taken a long time but the wait is worth it as we have the most popular series and prices you do not need not contend with michelin-manexchange rates or GST payments when you  buy online OR worry about after sales if you are buying from unauthorised sources.

The MICHELIN PRO4 Competition range includes the exact tire for your needs, optimised for speed and performance, resistance against punctures and grip in extreme conditions. Pro $ service course, Endurance V2, Comp, Grip and Tubular series are available for sale.

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POWER series. The top-end Power Competition, available in 23 and 25mm widths and weighing 190 and 210g respectively, is claimed to produce 25% less rolling resistance than the previous Pro4 Service Course, with a 10 watt saving over 40km at 35kph. It also claims to have improved puncture protection with an aramid Protek belt underneath the tread.
Power Endurance, a tyre available in 23, and 25 mm widths. It’s a bit heavier than the Competition, weighing 220, 230 respectively. Rather than the Competition’s 180tpi, the Endurance uses an 110tpi construction, but with the same aramid, Protek puncture belt.

This is a tyre that is designed to be more robust and longer lasting, so ideal for training, with the X-MILES Compound being more resistant to cuts. Michelin reckons it offers a 30% reduction in rolling resistance, equating to an 8.6 watt saving, compared to the outgoing Pro4 Endurance it replaces.
Lastly, there’s the new Power All Season, which replaces the Pro4 Grip tyre. It’s a bit heavier again, at 235g for the 23mm version, 270g for the 25mm. The tyre has a lower thread per inch count of 60 tpi, with a Grip Compound rubber tread designed to function well in low temperatures.

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Lets move to MTB wth a focus on 26 and 27.2 incher with profiles of 1.1, 2.25 and 2.35.

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2017 Verge series updates

This year the Verge series from Tern ups the standard by making 451 standard Tern 2017 Verge updates 2.jpgincorporating Tarsus Fork (Verge X11 and Verge P10) and T-Tuned Geometry.

We managed to squeeze in more colours ( which was why we were delayed by 1 week) Stock to reach stores by 15 Jan 2017

Stocks for Verge X11 and Vege P10 and more Verge D9 colours arriving.

Verge X11 pictures

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Verge P10 Pictures

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Verge D9 pictures

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Roji LAB Tri Spoke Carbon wheelsets

From the combined design efforts fo Tern and KITT. The Surge LAB was born. The tri spoke wheelsets are a hit and we are launching a Preorder exercise. S$1,600 for rim brake and S$1,900 for Disc brake versions. Expected delivery is April – May 2017. Payment in full secures


Kali Protectives 2017 planned line up

We have had a very successful launch with Kali our dealers have given us very good feedback about the build, design and looks belie the cost of these helmets but those who know Kali better know they also do Motorcycle helmets and are a hot favourite with Downhill and Stunt riders.

Kali CF and CFplus.jpg

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This chart shows how the current technologies and future ones make safety and comfort REAL. Technology and mission behind Kali is simple – better impact handling, looks good on your head, light and light on your wallet too.

For 2017, we have expanded the range to cover more urban styling and also add a model for the Enduro, the Aero and the Commuter.  The Chakra, Chakra Plus, City, Maha remain the main lineup but we will see more Danu and Ropa.

kali 1.jpglunati


kali 2.jpg

current 2016 17.jpg