Swifty Scooters – let’s put it together!

Chance, tough experiences, similar mindset, wanting to change the way we view scooting – describes how we got together with Jason with a simple call and we met.


Swifty Scooters launched to critical acclaim in September 2011 with SwiftyONE, arguably the world’s first premium folding kick scooter. Recognised as the best and most beautiful folding scooter in an emerging market of kick scooters, Swifty has already been endorsed by high profile collaborations, notably The Conran Shop (London and Paris) and Paul Smith (worldwide).

Swifty-ScootersSwifty Scooters was founded by husband and wife team, Jason and Camilla Iftakhar in Manchester UK. Their shared passion for design, sport, and two wheels gave birth to Swifty Scooters, where Jason hand built and assembled the original SwiftyONE in their workshop. The feeling of riding a Swifty brought a sunnier vibe to life in the North West (UK) and has been embraced by customers from all four corners of the globe.

GQ Magazine, March 2012 “when traffic is glacial, trains overloaded and exercise time at a premium, kick scooters are an appealing alternative for city commuters.”

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We will be looking for Dealers but already My Bike Shop, BRU outlets have said YES to Jason. For those who bought a Swifty, these outlets will range more Swifty(s) and accessories to compliment your scooting.

Thanks to Swifty for selecting us as your partner for Asia.


SWONE-MB-015_largeIf you are keen to range the Swifty Scooters, send us an email nic@luminari.com.sg

  • My Bike Shop, 213 Henderson Rd #01-06 S159553 Contact Tel: 6274 3968
  • My Bike Shop Too! 26 Sin Ming Lane #01-120 S573971  Contact  Tel: 66941750
  • My Bike Shop Tres (3) – 106 Faber Drive #01-106 S129415 Contact Tel: 6268 5323
  • BRU 9 Yishun Industrial St 1 #01-77 Northspring Bizhub S768163 Contact: 6717 3928
  • BRU2 67 Frankel Avenue S458194 Contact 6443 6284

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