It all starts with an idea, a concept, a passion, a preoccupation that turns into an obsession.

At Luminari,  we avoid the status quo, we illuminate to innovate and we want to do new and innovative ways to market and we love building new brands. Brands who have a winning idea or innovation that truly bring safety, betterment in life and lifestyles – we do it with a passion.

From performance rode bikes to urban commuting ( folding bikes), to breathing cleaner, fresher air (nano catalytic air sanifiers) to LED technology skin care and more recently protective gear for outdoor sports. We love making our lives better, cleaner and safer.

We take your brands into channels that cater to a wide range of customers and we build your brand equity from the ground up.

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Brand building is hard work and we give all we got at Luminari, we have a track record and we will sit down with you to discuss your plans for Asia!

Are you a dealer? Want to be range our products?  Send us your plans and ideas, we love to hear from you. send us an email :

Luminari Enterprise Pte Ltd

Only Trade visitors please. Appointment required

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60 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hi People at Tern,

    May i know if Tern model “Joe P24” is available in Singapore, and where can i view it?


    Mobile: 98485963

      1. Hi, thanks. Since this is happening to more bikes, i thought it should be manufacturing issues.

        How will you contact me? via email?


      2. Ivan,

        We prefer for Tern to confirm and advice, usually Dealers removed the spoke protector as they do not really serve any purpose.

        Please advice from which dealer did you get your Tern? Please send an email to us with a scanned copy of your invoice an contact details to

        Spoke Protector – definition
        A plastic or sheet-metal disc that fits between the cluster and the right-side spokes of a rear wheel. This is intended to prevent the derailer or chain from getting caught in the spokes, possibly causing very extensive/expensive damage/destruction to the wheel, the derailer, and the frame.
        A spoke protector is not a necessity on a bike that is well treated, because the derailer can’t go into the spokes if it’s properly adjusted and if it is not bent. Bicycles which are subjected to rough handling, however, are prone to getting the rear derailer bashed in, and in such a case, the spoke protector can prevent very serious damage.


    1. Soon – actually there are some units pre-ordered by our Premium Dealers. It’s best you place your deposit withone of them ASAP. But if you ask me, for daily commutes – get yourself something better – the Link D8 hits the sweet spot.

    1. Dear George, we are expecting stock to arrive in February but best for you to place a deposit with our Premium dealers to guarantee delivery. Price is S$2750 (Preorder), RRP S$2850.

  2. Thanks for prompt reply. I was thinking Castro P7i more like a family city bike. I could add child seat on back carriage or carry some stuff from shopping. I also liked it self lighting. Anyway if it is not available, where can I test ride Joe C21?

    1. Siva, go to My Bike Shop, they have a good range of folding bikes (esp Tern). Their staff are knowledgeable and helpful and try their best to help you find bike for you. Tel 67757133.

  3. Will the Tern Luggage Truss (capable of loads up to 7kg as compared to Dahon’s 5kg) and Kanga Rack be available locally? I’ve made enquires with a couple of official Tern dealers and all they ever do is point me to Dahon’s…

    1. Ryan, apologies for getting late, had a PC crashed. Just send us on an email the details of the purchase: invoice, dealer shop an the QR code and frame number, we will help you do it form hre.

      1. Thanks for the response. I just got a reply from ternbicycle directly. They just had a delay in response as well. 🙂

      2. Yes, we are selling bikes faster than they can upload the serial numbers.
        Rest assured, your invoice and the copy of the warranty is the best backup to the warranty and with the Singapore lemon Law, we keep track of all Tern buyers purchase details.

  4. Enquired about Tern verge s11i and all your dealers are saying that you are not bringing this bike in(despite its popularity/ good reviews and winning awards). Why? The impression seems to be a “disinterest” to meet demand and your pricing have an elasticity of its own. Why are the Singapore distributor and dealers so “fishy” or lacked transparency( very uncertain in supply and pricing)?

    Pardon my questionings but straight and transparent dealings are most appreciated from a consumer perspective.

    1. David, Thanks for your feedback but this is not the dealers’ fault as we provide information for bike models that we know are being scheduled to be ranged and shipped in. The truth is =- there is a need to order in an MOQ and for the S11i, while it has won awards, there is not enough demand to meet the minimum order quantity. The low demand and familiarity to the model is also the reason why they refrain from making comments. Hope this clarifies.

  5. Can I know if it’s possible to get the Tern Castro Duo or P7i? Using it more for commute and recreation.
    Additionally, any other recommendations for a bike which has a similar integrated rack design as the Castros? Preferably of a lower price range. Would like to know of the Tern Castro Duo if available as well. Thanks.

    1. Tan, the better option ie the Swoop Duo is in stocked at My Bike Shop Outlets. The improved and award winning design is just a delight to ride. Priced at S$1200. You got to go try the bike and see for your yourself!

  6. Hi, im interested on Tern Eclipse X20, but I’m from malaysia, any possible way to make a pre order from you pls update me. thanks .

      1. Hi, i already checked thru few dealers, and know that malaysia might not be bringing in this model. I don’t mind come over to buy it, just wanna check is it still have unit available. pls advices. thanks.

  7. Hi I’m thinking of getting a tern bike, is there any after market child seat suitable for tern bikes? I’ve been asking around but to no avail. Pls advice. Thanks!

  8. Thinking of getting a Verge X20 for touring. Can I put a wider tire like Schwalbe Marathon Supreme (20 x 1.6) or Schwalbe Kojak (20 x 1.35) on the rim?

    1. The Verge X20 is not suitable for touring even if you put on wider tires as the spokes were designed for road riding. Would recommend you look at the Eclipse P18

  9. Hi!

    May I know if the Tern model “Joe P24″ is still available in Singapore? Would really love to own it!

    Thanks and cheers!

    1. We are totally out of stock and we are waiting for the new season to come. Unfortunately we are looking at year end. Bolder colours and same Tern value

      1. I see, the hub gears do offer a wide range but many buyers now fall back on buying the Link D16 which is a RD cassette based transmission and has the same Link frame design. It is now RRP at S$1090. Do consider that

  10. Hi much is the handling fee/labour fee for affected tern link p9 as part of a recall, that is not bought from sinapore?

    1. You should have received a notification from Tern if you had checked your Service tag and Frame number. If not, please log onto Please forward it to with details such as Frame number, Tag number. In cases where we have assisted in replacing the frame, the handling fee is S$200 prepaid, for local delivery of the frame and for labour to swap the parts out from the original bike.

  11. I am interested to own either the Eclipse P24h or Joe P24. Are these available and how much are they retailing for?

  12. Hi i would like to know if the tern c21 is available. With the black tern logo? Please let me know. Thank you!

  13. Where is ur nearest shop to hougang or punggol. So i can drop by and take a look. 🙂 thanksss!!

  14. Hello, are you guys bringing in new stocks for Bickerton Junction 1707 Fells Red? If so, when will they arrive and where can I get one? Thank you!

    1. Yes we have this in the production now but schedules are looking really tight with global shortage for components. Like our facebook and we will announce it there.

  15. Hi, I just bought a used Link D8 only to read about the 2014 Link/OCL Limited Voluntary Recall. I checked and the frame number starts with “AI”. How can I confirm whether the bike is part of the recall? Hope to receive support on this, thank you.

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