Kali Helmets – Control the uncontrollable

You know you met people who are down to earth, passionate, do the right things when the products they develop change the way we look at every day stuff. Here at Luminari we apply that to the brands and products we want to build and grow.

p4pb9739979We are very pleased to have met Brad and Bryan (that him on the left with the baseball bat)Brad is amazing, a carbon fibermaterials engineer who really knew his materials. He was really a cool dude. Bryan went through the catalog and highlighted the culture of the business and what they stood for and we skali-helmets-110310aw a long term partnership emerged.

Not only do these helmets have the patented COMPOSITE FUSION™ technology. They just look GREAT!

Kali’s patented COMPOSITE FUSION™ technology incorporates the EPS foam as an integral part of the shell. Our EPS foam is formed inside the exterior shell and not in a separate mold (meaning no separation in molding). As the small beads expand during the steaming process, they are directly fused with the exterior shell itself (no spot glue or tape is needed). This is a big deal because now, without a gap or requiring a third party bonding agent, the impact energy can be transferred to the EPS foam more efficiently and smoother, allowing for a stronger materials connection.

The introduction of COMPOSITE FUSION™ Plus is the next progression of this revolutionary construction. bike-composite-fusionCOMPOSITE FUSION™ Plus technology incorporates unique pyramids of different foam densities within the EPS/Shell connection. During impact, as energy is transferred from shell to foam, the unique pyramid shapes collapse first, thereby directing the energy sideways within the foam, instead of linearly down to your head. This spreads the impact load over a greater area, allowing us to use softer density foam next to your head, right where you want it.


GforceDissapationChart_allKali Helmets can now be purchased online at Togoparts Estore

Kali Protectives Dealers

kali logo3Kali promo poster


  • My Bike Shop, 213 Henderson #01-06 S159553 Contact Tel: 6274 3968
  • My Bike Shop Too! 26 SinMing Lane #01-120 S573971  Contact  Tel: 66941750
  • My Bike Shop Tres (3) – 106 Faber Drive #01-106 S129415 Contact Tel: 6268 5323
  • BRU 9 Yishun Industrial St 1 #01-77 Northspring Bizhub S768163 Contact: 6717 3928
  • BRU2 67 Frankel Avenue S458194 Contact 6443 6284


  • To be announced

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