TIME Roadbikes and Pedals – Where technology meets form.


We are very honored and pleased to enter into the world of full sized high technology bikes with TIME. And no pun intended – it took us the necessary time to understand and the time to find a product proposition that makes sense for the thinking man!

In 1993, TIME began to diversify with carbon composite frames using Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) technology. TIME weaves its own custom tubular carbon layers in its RTM factory in Vaulx-Milieu France, outside of Lyon. This gives TIME’s engineers control of the technical characteristics of each carbon layer, as well as freedom of shape of the frame component parts.Time collage

TIME products gained fame in the early 1990s, after being debuted on the podium by Pedro Delgado in 1988, then multiple Tour de France winner Greg LeMond in his champion-style 1989 Tour de France victory which was followed by multiple Tour de France winner Miguel Indurain.

Today, TIME is one of the leading brands of carbon fiber racing bicycle frames and forks and 100% manufactured in France!

TIME’s off-road pedals, use a concept TIME calls ATAC (Auto Tension Adjustment Concept). This concept allows release angle to be independent of spring tension. Among the most widely used pedals by both recreational and professional cyclists, 120,000 pairs are manufactured annually. They have also become a favorite of inner-city bicycle couriers, because of their small cleat size, ease of entry and exit, light weight, and reliability.

Led by the new Xpresso 15, all Xpresso pedals feature light weight, easy engagement with iClic®, and ergonomics to optimize your comfort and performance.  Xpresso line offers a variety of materials, from steel to hollow titanium axles, composite to carbon bodies and carbon spring to fit your performance needs.

Bioperformance RXS group Xpresso 12

The iClic pre-open clipless system allows you to click in without having to force the clip open making stepping in fast, easy and secure.

With the oversized 700mm2 along with the carbon spring design, the Xpresso line boast a large platform area for stability and power transmission.

TIME created the first automatic pedal to provide a freedom of lateral and angular float, TIME pedals claim to considerably reduce tendinitis, a problem that many riders and especially professionals face.


We start with a carbon fiber to weave our own carbon fabric. While others source their carbon sheets, we create our own tubes, allowing us to DSC_7960-carbon-weaver-ff22eec7b41b8f07a5bfd50c2aed892ddetermine the angles of the braids and even introduce other types of fibers, such as VECTRAN®, to determine the exact qualities of the ride and feel of the bicycle.

Masting the angles of the fibers

(Varying from 0° to ± 65°): the “bi-directional” braids have an angle varying from 15° to 65° for a more efficient torsion, whereas the “uni-directional” braids have an angle of 0° being used only for flexion.

Better Resistance to Cracking

Linked mechanically by the weaving process, every fiber crossed constitutes a barrier against cracking. This is particularly important in the areas that are drilled (ex: bottle cage)

Non-shattering braids

In the case of material breaking after a serious crash for example, woven structures are able to avoid the risk of additional injury from shattered pieces, which is a unique characteristic of unidirectional braids.

readyforresin-c7ea2f6aed6f7b8a820a768b26ecf564Resin Injection

Contrary to the prepreg technique, TIME uses a “liquid” molding technology, RTM (Resin Transfer Molding).

This refers to the injecting of a heat-hardening, epoxy resin under pressure in a metallic mold. This mold incorporates all of the reinforcing elements of the composite material. Upon infusing this structure, the resin becomes the bonding unit of the structure.

Excellent impregnation of the fibers, including the most complex areas thanks to the injection under-pressure and to the temperature used.

Perfect cohesion of the layers, thanks to the RTM molding that allows to surpass the compression of the structure which is a particularly delicate stage and not able to be reproduced with the prepreg process.

Guaranteed geometries and thicknesses, through the molding procedure carried out on rigid structures that does not require the movement of any fibers during the process.

Freedom of form in molding since the suppleness of the woven structure allows complex forms to be put into practice.

The RTM system is easily industrialized, guaranteeing an overall homogeneous and consistent production.

Last but not least the VERY reason why we went with TIME – AKTIV

Introducing AKTIV

Today, TIME is going further in their quest for performance. Following several years of research and the application of three patents, TIME introduces AKTIV, a revolutionary fork featuring an integrated tuned mass damper, which dispels vibrations detrimental to the cyclist’s performance and comfort.AKTIV-graph-8044a01dd2d9a2dcd4020c29a9d45d04

How does it work?

Low frequency vibrations between 25 and 50Hz can have the most detrimental effect on performance causing discomfort and fatigue. Vibrationsexperienced when cycling fall into this category.

The tuned mass damper is a dissipative system that is designed to stabilize against Harmonic Vibrations, these occur when the vibration of the bicycle and rider are in phase with the vibrations from the road. Through vibrating itself the Tuned Mass Damper absorbs the worst case vibrations by off-setting the vibrations phase – reducing their intensity.

Through many tests, TIME have discovered that the fork is the best place to treat harmonic vibrations – it is as close to the road as possible – reducing the effect of all vibration phenomena throughout the system (at the seat post, the pedals and the handlebars).

Fond - AKTIV_43

Dealers (Bike frames and pedals)

BRU 9 Yishun Industrial St 1 #01-77 Northspring Bizhub S768163 Contact: 6717 3928

BRU2 67 Frankel Avenue S458194 Contact 6443 6284

Dealers (Pedals only)

To be announced


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