RFM – http://www.rfm.com.tw/index.html a company with a passion to design bags for smartphone and smart device users of today.   From their bags, to pouches to arm bags etc. Your smart device is well protected with padding at the right places with weather proof zipping.

When you look at the designs, small little details like, padding,  zips that are designed to unzipped easily, reflectors where they are appreciated and then allow you to access your phone quickly and safely  – its all in the designs.
RFM intro

RFM spread.jpg

Speaking to Al Kuo who is the founder and owner of RFM. You get the sense that he settles no less than quality and takes pride that his designs are not only practical but is designed with the user in mind.

The most favourite item being sold is the Bike Suit. In three simple steps, you cover your bike where its the most prone to dirt AWAY from your boot and storage areas.

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He has his own factory in Taiwan and products are not made by machines but made with strict QC and manpower sewing them in production lines.Luminari is pleased to be launching this in South East Asia for them.

Founded in 2001 in Taiwan by a group of progress thinker and creative professionals, Ride For More positions itself as a manufacturer, designer as well as inventor of smartphone accessories, particularly for outdoors and cycling. Ride For More aims precisely to the need of carrying smartphone in outdoor sports and creates a full series of smartphone cases and bags.
Ride For More is never a mass-production factory, instead, we pay meticulous attention to each product being made, and we’ve to make sure all Ride For More bags/case are built to the mostly demanding quality, refined craftsmanship, numbered for quality control and exclusivity.

Our factory floor is clean, organized and fully loaded with fully skilled bags manufacturing professionals.

The sewing professionals are the biggest treasure we’ve. They are the key getting us to the delicate craftsmanship and superior fabrications we deliver to each bag we made. In Ride For More, we do not price to sell, we price to value all details and cares made to each product.


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