Swifty Scooters – putting it all together

SwiftyONEs with all the enhancements is FINALLY here. Not only have new stocks reached our shores, we are getting the privilege  to meet the man behind Swifty Scooters – Jason Iftakhar

So what have we got in store for Singapore?

2016 SwiftyOne Preorders

3 beautiful colours and 1 special edition to choose from. A larger air filled tire gives the SwiftyOne unparalleled ride and comfort.

We have witnessed the growth of the kick scooter as an increasingly popular and fun form of transport for adults, whether it be commuting or urban leisure.  There are plenty of scooters out there to choose from, some which look like kids toys, some larger scooters with hard wheels, and some which fold or dismantle – and then there is  SwiftyONE!

Lets have a look at SwiftyONE’s key features.

Large 16 inch pneumatic wheels

Swifty’s scooters all have 16 inch pneumatic wheels, we believe that this is the secret to an enjoyable and adventurous journey, unhindered by terrain. Anything from a twig to a uneven flagstone could cause an accident or simply slow you down, but not with the SwiftyONE – you just keep on rolling. Also the smaller the wheels, the more rolling resistance, with 16” pneumatic wheels you can cruise, coast and freewheel – also larger wheels mean that kick for kick you will get more propulsion.

SwiftyONE folding mechanism

A folding scooter is an advantage if you use public transport as part of your journey, or have limited storage space. We believe that the unique folding mechanism of SwiftyONE is unrivalled. There are similar sized adult scooters with larger wheels, (like the Mibo, Yedoo & Kickbike), but nothing that folds like SwiftyONE.

Often the folding mechanism becomes a weak-point in the strength of a scooters frame, rattling as you scoot along, but this is not the case with SwiftyONE. The quality and craftsmanship of the mechanism on our scooter means that the frame remains strong, it’s a feature SwiftyONE owners love.

Quality design and engineering

Have you heard the motto, buy cheap, buy twice? SwiftyONE is one of the more expensive scooters on the market, but with good reason. The build quality is excellent, nothing rattles or shakes. The folding features work perfectly and are built to last.

And a special visitor – Jason himself!

We get to hear from him, his story, his ups and downs and a design entrepreneur on the 5th May at one of our Dealer’s location.

Meet the Founder





Goodordering bags – expanded lines for 2016 has arrived

Goodordering is a small independent company run out of a flat on top of a bike shop in Hackney, East London. They have started off by designing a capsule range of bags that fuse function with retro fashion. The range is inspired by Japanese school bags and 80s retro travel bags. Goodordering loves Scandinavia, the late 70s and 80s, block colours and Velcro! You can see some more of their inspiration here.  Each bag has been designed with technological gadgets and gizmos in mind, with padded compartments and pockets of varying shapes and sizes. At the same time there is no compromise in quality, the bags are water resistant, hard-wearing and versatile.

Back in Sep 2015, we brought in 2 models. Sales and feedback has been very positive. This week, we will be launching SIX more models in Singapore at at FIVE stores. 

Price for 2016

iPhone 5 pouch

Located at convenient locations throughout Singapore, you can find Goodordering bags:Locations

My Bike Shop, 213 Henderson #01-06 S159553 Contact Tel: 6274 3968

My Bike Shop Too! – 26 Sin Ming Lane #01-120 S573971  Contact  Tel: 66941750

My Bike Shop Tres (3) – 106 Faber Drive #01-106 S129415 Contact Tel: 6268 5323

BRU – 9 Yishun Industrial St 1 #01-77 Northspring Bizhub S768163 Contact: 6717 3928

BRU2 – 67 Frankel Avenue S458194 Contact 6443 6284

Goodordering was also launched in S Korea and we are sure these bags are going to take the fashion scene by storm.

So for those who had bought a Goodordering handlebar bag or Saddle bag. Just bring over your original receipt and we have asked the stores to give you S$15 off on your next Goodordering product purchase!  Check the bags out:

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Respro pollution masks

respro (1)

Yes the haze has gone – That’s just fantastic for all but owning a pollution mask that is washable, looks good and have replaceable filters for different PM situations that you can carry with you anywhere. That’s what owning a Respro is about – Protection for your health and lungs.

Allergy Mask – $60
NiteSight Mask (Reflective) – $60
City Mask – $50
Sportsta Mask $70
Cinqro Mask – $100
FB-1 Mask – $75

City maskThe City™ anti-pollution mask offers screening from the inhalation of nuisance dusts and odours associated with vehicle exhaust emissions. The filter (DACC) used in the mask, has been specifically developed for filtering a wide variety of nuisance dusts and odours commonly found in major cities.  The two Techno™ exhalation valves allow unwanted heat, carbon dioxide and water vapour out ensuring comfort as well as function. Rated PM10.0

respro cyclist2The Respro® Sportsta™ mask combines Hepa-Type filtration performance associated with sub-micron pollutants such as pollen and other irritant dusts, with a lightweight Neotex aerated mask. The 1-3-37Sportsta™ mask offers maximum ventilation without sacrificing filtration. To maximize rider performance, state of the art Powa™ valves are a standard feature and a must for all who ride to their limits. I just love the mesh design.


The Sportsta™ mask is usable in all outdoor sports pursuits where high levels of non-toxic dusts are present.

Not only are Respro lab certified, the are a team that looks into how better and wider can they offer products that truly protect you.

The Cinqro™ mask is the most recent addition to the Respro®range. It focuses on the ‘urban trainer’, the ‘home runner’ or cinqro-mask-white-with-maskthe multi-sport end user where breathing rates are typically higher than your average commuter.

The two new Powa™ Elite valves on the Cinqro™ mask allow for faster air flow when working out at elevated breathing patterns, i.e. when you are giving it the beans from A to B. This equates to less back-pressure, less dampness in the filter, improved filtration and lower inhalation resistance, which in turn leads to improved comfort and performance.

fb-1 firemanNotable is the FB-1™

Developed in conjunction with the St Austell Watch of the UK Fire Brigade Services, the FB-1™ mask is the Firefighters mask of choice. The FB-1™ dustmask is now provided to firefighters all over the world to protect them from contamination in circumstances where breathing apparatus would not normally be considered or used. The FB-1™ mask and its filter have been designed and
manufactured to EN149 (European Standard for filtering face pieces) and is capable of filtering respirable sub-micron particulates.allergy

Luminari is focusing her efforts on 3 areas:

Outdoor sports: Cycling, Running and Public Safety. We carry the Allergy, Sportsta, City. Cinqro and FB-1 masks.

USPs for Respro:

  1. The Neoprene makes it washable so no smelly sweat stained smells from perspiration
  2. Replaceable filters for different particulate addressing PM10 to PM0.3Bj air
  3. Upgradable valves for those activities that required you to breathe harder and faster

KEEP one in your travel bag especially if you have to travel to polluted cities. Dhaka


A Quick Guide to Knee Pain

Just like everything else, the bicycle has to fit the rider’s anatomy. If we ride without adjusting the bicycle to our needs, it could result in knee pain, which is a common issue with riders.knee_pain_man_holding1

The 4 most common causes of knee pains are due to improper saddle height or position, have a crank that is too long for the rider, rider pushing excessively high gears, or poor foot alignment.

Here are a few things you can try out before heading to the doctor’s.
If the pain is in the front of the knee (Anterior Pain):

Pushing too high gears          ->              Lower gear, and increase cadenceknee-anatomy-diagram

Saddle too low or far forward             ->              Raise seat or move seat back

Foot too far forward on the pedal              ->           Move foot back to have toes in line with the pedal

Crank arms too long         ->             Shorten crank arms by 2.5 cm
If the pain is in the back of the knee (Posterior Pain):

Saddle too high or far back          ->          Lower seat, or move seat forward

Too much pedal float             ->           Limit float to 6 – 8 degrees
If the pain is in the inner side of the knee (Medial Pain):

Incorrect foot position on pedal (toes pointed out)          ->             Narrow foot position by adjusting foot parallel to bicycle

Too little pedal float          ->              Limit float to 6 – 8 degrees

If the pain is in the outer side of the knee (Lateral Pain):

Incorrect foot position on pedal (toes pointed in)          ->              Widen foot position by adjusting foot parallel to bicycle
Too little pedal float           ->             Limit float to 6 – 8 degrees

Good habits to adopt to prevent injury – warm up for at least 30 mins, stretch after riding, and consider taking a Glucosamine supplement to promote joint flexibility.

Time Pedals – Many say they are the best in their class

For TIME, performance and biomechanics are one and the same. Customisable pedals
Xpresso series.

TIME has revolutionized clipless pedal technology and introduces its newest generation : Xpresso. The Iclic concept – pre-open clipless system (TIME patent) – allows more intuitive engagement without any rubbing. Moreover, the carbon flexion blade and the oversize 700 mm2 platform gives the pedal a record surface area/ weight factor. Pedals start from 66.5g!

Only by respecting the natural movements of your legs and joints, with angular and lateral float, as well as precise adjustment to the sensation or “feel” of the float, and with adjustable Q-factor Adjustment, can you decrease the risk of joint trauma and optimize performance following 3 points: security, ergonomics and performance.


What technologies help our users and riders? For Road bikers the Xpress are amazing, light, built for performance. Large Surface Area -Reduce pedal hot spots. Low Stack Height –  More efficient power transfer. iClic System- Pre-opened pedal engagement (TIME patent)Xpresso 12

pedal-tech-iclic1 pedal-tech-float-easy pedal-tech-atac-dh-platform pedal-tech-atac-dh-axle

Turning our attention onto MTB pedals. starting from 124g and filled with innovations and technologies. The ATAC System combines an ultra light design with and exceptional mud and debris clearing system, thanks to its self-cleaning concept with an easy engagement and a mastered step-out. It is the preferred pedal of elite cyclocross and mtb riders. Simple Step-in – Optimal angle for simple and fast step-in. Release Angle – NEW! 10º of release angle – ATAC EASY Cleats Cleats allow choice of release angle (13º or 17º) – ATAC Cleats.Self-cleaning- Clip in action cleans out any debris. Aluminum Body – Large platform overbuilt for durability. Oversized Axle -Large diameter axle for solid power transmission and stability in all conditions. We are recruiting dealers* for these pedals. IF your preferred dealer does not range them. You can order them direct and we will mail it to you!


RXS group Xpresso 12 DH Bioperformance ATACX ATAC ATAC X12 ATAC Group

Tibet Challenge by 3 amazing athletes on Time Bikes

Reposted from http://www.cwshk.org/NewsandEvents/UltimateChallenge.aspx

Team TIME had committed to a 2,200 km bike race between Chengdu to Lhassa from 21st May to 2nd June 2015 to raise funds for CWS’ emergency relief and recovery efforts in Nepal after the devastating earthquake of 25th April. There were 9 riders in the team, including Pierre Arnaud Le Magnan (Founder of Chiru Bikes), Jacky Boisset and Myriam Guillot ( 2 X World Champion of Adventure racing ). Their target was to finish the race within 7 days or a little less and climb over 35,000m D+, with an average riding altitude of 4,000m and 14 passes between 4,500 to 5,000m. Local temperature ranged from -10° C to to 25° C which made it the highest non-stop race in the world and probably the hardest. Team TIME had to adapt to the very cold weather at high altitude, facing snow and icy rain. They only had drop bags, and no assistance was permitted.

During Day 4, only 6 Chinese participants were allowed to enter Tibet. However, other team-members didn’t give up and choose a new road and establish a reference time on another “classic” bike road to LIJIANG. This road was 1,550km, but was in fact much tougher as the road were destroyed and they were sent through trails or very slow roads.

We are actually very lucky to finish as every day the body /mind / bike wanted to give it up as it did not make much sense to ride in such conditions…but we are no quitter, so we made it to Lijiang.” – Pierre

It was a MASSIVE challenge! What an achievement and well done to you all!

To support and donate, please click here.

Day 1 Ultimate challenge 2015: start at midnight, 340km, 3500m elevation, Chengdu (600m)-Kanding (2,700m), 18h ride, 40km cyclocross in heavy mud, 5 bike wash + chain lube


An already Epic Day One !! all the competitors started together with volunteer pacers taking really at the front of the pack to impose a fast pace from the start ! We finally splitter after the first 100km in the dark as some riders were having technical problems, so we kept riding strong the 3 of us. We arrived in Ya’an at daylight and enjoyed local breakfast street food, while surprised locals were wondering where the hell are we coming from !! The following 100km were not fun at all as road were destroyed an either muddy or full of trucks ! Plenty of stops to clean the bikes and the chain in order to avoid mechanical problems…We were soaked, but managed to dry along the first climb to 2,200m elevation where we had to take a 6km tunnel to reach the Luding valley, with a nice 20km + slippery downhill. Weather got warmer during the day, and we sweated all the way up to Kanding instead of reaching XinDu Qiao 80 km further as we did last year. So we will have a good rest tonight and hoping for an early start tomorrow…

Day 2 Ultimate challenge 2015, Tibet: 155 km, 2,770 m D+. 2 pass at 4,300m: Kanding to Yijiang


Got to taste our first low temperature with 3 to 4 degs, no problem when keep moving !!  I had to wait for almost 2 hours at the top of the first 4,300m pass, it was actually very cold as we were trapped in the clouds. Now we are riding on the tibetan part of Sichuan, and the weather is great ! First Tibet Stupa and local architecture are our reward! Wind picked-up, and as usual , it’s not blowing in our back…so we have to keep aero position on the bike in order to make good progress on the flats!! As usual the pass are on muddy road as the tunnels are not yet completed, and it is a real nightmare, trucks, sticky mud…not a pleasant 20km uphill… A t the end of the day we enjoyed the long Downhill to YiJiang , and thanks to the Fludity AKTIV bike helping us to smoothen vibrations from the poor Road conditions, our body is not broken and we are in high spirit so far!! Tomorrow aim is 180 km with several passes up to 4,700 m.

Day 3 Ultimate challenge 2015: 135 km, 3,000 m D+. 3 pass over 4,300m: Yangjiang to Litang (4,100m), 10:00 hrs


The day started with a long 30 km climb to a 4,700 m pass, with a half climb interlude at a local hostel where a “welcome Tibet scarf” and Yak milk tea were handed over to us for a safe passage. Before reaching the top, a brand new tunnel was awaiting us ( cutting town 400 m climbing), it could have been the effect of the “lucky scarf”!! Further down the road was a non stop roller-coaster riding smooth Silk Road at insane speed before climbing back500 m before heading downhill again !!, all of this between 3,800 to 4,300 !! Our gear-changing skills were also tested several times during the day as we got hit on several occasion by rain and icy-rain. The high elevation of day was strongly felt, and night was not an easy one as sleeping a 4,100 m is not common business !! But nothing can’t be solved with Chinese medicine!

Day 4 Ultimate challenge 2015 : 150 km, 2,000 m D+. 1 pass 4,700m: Litang to Daocheng, 9:00 hrs


Sad news today : Our entry permit to Tibet was denied, we have either to stop at Tibet border or keep riding outside Tibet… New plan is to ride south then !! Towards Lugu lake and Lijiang. We left today Litang (4,200m), one of the highest city in the world road today the smoothest Tarmac since we left Chengdu, the road was perfect!!. We went through 3 different mountain landscape type during the day from no trees cold and dry to warm cultivated valley with more farming land. At the first pass, were initiated to the “holly paper through” which locals practice every time they pass through a monastery or holy mountains. Further down the road, just after Tuer pass ( the rabbit pass due to 2 rocks looking like Rabbit ears on nearby mountain ) We met Leigh from UK who has been cycling for 5 years around the world and clocked 39,000 km so far!! We have unbelievable to have a chat on the side of the road and exchange about our ridings trips, …we had to go as we had to cover some kilometres, but I am sure we will meet again!

 Day 5 Ultimate challenge 2015 : 127km, 1,300 m D+. 1 pass 4,500m: Gaocheng to Wo xi, 2,600 m 8:30 hrs ride


Brand new road leading Us to Sichuan Shanghai-La , spirits were high as we enjoyed a nearly 50 km downhill after passing REWU Buddhist temple and Bowa pass at 4,500m elevation.
But this perfect day did not last very long as the dash on the map showing the 216 road quickly turned into a dirt road ( even Flour Dust Road ) where we lost control of our bikes a couple of times. The gorge we followed was very narrow and deep and beautifully rough!! and surprise !!… the road dissapeared into a massive landslide. Locals were not keen to let us go across, but after seeing 2 of them going through, we decided to go as well..this is one of those moments where you hope Mother Nature keep it still…Rocks continue to keep falling while we went through…we were glad to leave this place in one piece and avoid a 500m straight down to the river which we wouldn’t have survived…
We finally road 55 km down this canyon before we found another group of bikers from Kunming who offered us rice and show us place where we could spend the night at a local farmhouse. Very typical and roots !! Day 5 was intense even though we did not cover much, it was for sure a highlight!

Day 6 Ultimate challenge 2015 : 97km, 1,300 m D+. 1 pass 4,400m: Wo Xi to Gu Zheng Xiang, 2,200 m, 10 hrs ride






It was not an easy day as we were still on dirt road the all way, some bad and some worst!! The day started with a 40 km climb to a 4,200 m pass from we could see the jade dragon mountain ( 6,000 m ) in the background. The highlight of the day was our new Tibetan doggy companion which we named “216” ( from the name of the road where he found us ), he followed us for 95 km! But he lost us as we were picking up speed towards the end. The whole team is now sad with no more mascot !! The downhill towards the end was the worst as our hands, neck, and lower back got hammered by the rocky dirt road, we have pushed way beyond the limit of where a road bike could be ridden, and our body and average speed are taking serious toll for it, but that’s part of the adventure I guess…

Day 7 Ultimate challenge 2015 : 100km, 1,600 m D+. Gu Zheng Xiang to Muli, 8 hrs



Our voyage to Lugu Lake is getting more and more complicated and slow as road quality is getting worst! This whole section of the 216 is completely destroyed before being re-built, leaving only few patches of proper road. We have to brake all the time and slow-down our speed as we are loosing control of the bikes…we are biting the dust big time. After couple of stops due to some punctures, landslides ( small and safe ones…) or food stop, we finally reach the holy bridge , full of buddhist prayer fabrics and had to ride another 25km climb to Muli on destroyed road full of trucks ! We were glad to reach Muli and stopped at the Fruit market and ate couple of Kgs of bananas, watermelon, mangos and other local fruits…took us an hour to eat it all..then we were ready to go find a place to sleep..  The bikes made it today, but not sure the bodies can keep going like this in those conditions..  Words from the locals is that the next 100km of road is in worst conditions than what we rode today.

Day 8 Ultimate challenge 2015 : 229km, 2,500 m D+. 1 pass 3,400 m Muli to Lugu lake (2,700m), 13hrs




Really bad internet those last 2 days, sorry for late posting! The 3 of us have recovered from our harsh yesterday’s ride. Despite slight hand and wrist pain, dehydrated lips and face sunburn, our bodies are in quite good shape after more than a week of high altitude and long days in the saddle. It’s agreed among the 3 of us we have to thank the TIME Aktiv fork for taking care of our bodies ( mass damping system minimizing harmful vibrations). Today was no different from yesterday with half of the road being under construction, but I guess it would have been harder for our mind to accept it if the destination would not have been the so much awaited Lugu lake!! The second part of road was of reasonable quality, and we are now riding below 3,000 m with rising temperatures close to 45 degs. We drink more and eat more watermelon to stay hydrated!!

The arrival to Lugu lake late afternoon will leave us a strong memory, this place is pretty!

Day 9 Ultimate challenge 2015 : 203km, 3,000 m D+. 2 pass 3,800m: Lugu lake to Lijiang (2,600 m elevation), 15 hrs



Almost our longest day, although we did not guess it would take us so long!! It all started on a great road, but after about 95 km, the road was again under construction for more than 100 km. We finished in the dark through diversion dirt roads and had to knock at several houses and ask our way as no signage and completely lost at night !! It reminded us a lot with adventure racing !! We finally made it to LIjiang at 10 pm. My friend Alex (a long time Lijiang resident) kindly waited for us before closing his French restaurant. He hydrated and fed us more than we expected to celebrate Jacky’s birthday and the completion of our long bike Odyssey !! We are proud to have completed this tough ride and we hope that completing this crazy challenge will help raise funds for Nepal earthquake!

This is already the end of the trip, it went to fast ! and I guess some figures will talk better than long sentences:
Duration : 9 days
Distance : 1,550 km
Distance on dirt road : 450 km
Total elevation : 16,500 m
Highest pass : 4,700 m
Longest downhill : 60 km
Total flats for 3 bikes : 6

Km ran by 216 the Tibetan doggy : 100
White rice eaten by jacky : 60 bowls
Watermelon : 25 pcs
Banana’s eaten by the 3 of us : 186
And countless other fruits and veggies..

To conclude: Amazing adventure, incredible scenery and incredible life experience!!

Tech Tip is for bikes with OCL Joints. Tightening OCL Hinge Shaft. Please read.

Please check the tightness of the OCL Joint Hinge Shafts on a weekly basis if you ride the bike frequently. If you ride only occasionally, checking once a month is sufficient.
What models are affected?

Castro D8, Castro Duo, Castro P7i, Eclipse P18, Eclipse P18L, Eclipse P24h, Eclipse P7i, Eclipse P9, Eclipse S11i, Eclipse S18, Eclipse Uno, Eclipse X20, Link D16, Link D7i, Link D8, Link N8, Link P24h, Link P7i, Link P9, Link Uno, Node D16, Node D7i, Node D8, Swoop D7i, Swoop D8, Swoop Duo, Verge Duo, Verge P18, Verge P20, Verge P9, Verge P9L, Verge S11i, Verge S27h, Verge X10, Verge X18, Verge X20, Verge X30h
Hinge Shaft Location on OCL Joint. The OCL Joint has two (2) Hinge Shafts: one on top and one on the bottom.
Tools Needed:
Torque Wrench or 5 mm Hex Key
1. Open the OCL Frame Lever


2. Remove the Hinge Shaft Plug if present. Both the upper and lower Hinge Shafts should be tightened with a Torque Wrench to a value of 10-12 Nm. Tighten the Hinge Shaft all the way down to achieve required torque value. Depending on the condition of the bike, tightening the Hinge Shaft may require force greater than 10-12 Nm. Please ensure that both Hinge Shafts are tightened so that they are fully seated and can no longer rotate.


3. Close the OCL Frame Lever.



Note: Please check that the Adjustment Bolt is properly adjusted to achieve a closing force of 60 – 80 N. To understand how to adjust the Frame Lever, please refer to this video

If you are unsure how to do this operation, please take your bike to your local bike dealer that you bought the bike for help.

If you find that the Hinge Shaft rotates freely without resistance, please stop riding and bring your bike to your bike dealer that you bought the bike for a service inspection.