We all know the Michelin man, the white icon that you always see at car tyre shops and they are renowned for theImage result for michelin tiresfastest, quietest car tires many of us drive on our cars.
They also offer bicycle tires and in the same vein where Luminari has a history of rebuilding brands and deepening brand equity. We are rebuilding Michelin as the preferred tires for bicycle too. Seems like we have a affinity for brands French (TIME bikes) and British (Bickerton and Swifty Scooters).
In 1891, an English cyclist suffered a puncture outside the factory run by the Michelin Petit historique de la marque MICHELIN en vélo
Brothers, who were then producing rubber brake pads.At that time, it was a three hour job, followed by overnight drying, to repair tires which were glued directly to the rim. Edouard Michelin then thought about what the future of the tire might be if it became easier to repair and lodged his first patents. The Paris-Brest-Paris cycle race won by Charles Terront on removable MICHELIN tires brought them to the notice of the public at large.In1892, the Michelin brothers organized a cycle race between Paris and Clermont-Ferrand. They took the opportunity to strew nails all over the road to demonstrate that a puncture was no longer an insurmountable problem with Michelin detachable tires! Since then, there have been a whole series of innovations.Image result for michelin bicycle tires Pro 4
Pro 4 series. Using third party testing through Wheel Energy, the Pro 4 Endurance showed a 40% improvement in puncture-resistance compared to the unnamed main competitor. Called their Bi-Compound tread, the tire uses softer sidewalls to aid in cornering grip, but the harder center section is more wear resistant. The casing itself is made from 3 layers at 110 tpi, and Michelin’s HD Protection Bead2Bead reinforcing layer that is responsible for the addition in puncture resistance. Weights for the 23mm and 25mm versions weigh in at 225 and 245g respectively.

Image result for michelin bicycle

Power series. The new Michelin Power road bike tires are the successors of the Michelin Pro 4 tires that have been around for a while. The new Power range consists of 4 tires: Power Competition, Power Endurance, Power All Season, and Power Protection+.

Wild Race’R series – Low profile diamond shaped treads made for fast rolling on dry hardpack. Knobs are at a 45º angle in relation to rolling direction, which Michelin says gives more ridges and grip.   The tire is designed to be run directionally, with the reinforcement ridges between knobs making an “M” (for Michelin) on the front and “W” (for Wild).

Wild Grip’R – Trail tire with large blocks in the middle that are close enough for fast rolling but open enough to clear quickly. Tread design is intended to cover a wide range of trail types and conditions.

Michelin  Wild Grip and Wild Race


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