Biologic – Think Biologic

BioLogic was created by a collection of artists, engineers, programmers and product designers with a passion for developing innovative
BioLogic-FixKit-Multi-tool-700wproducts. Most importantly though they love to cycle. Working on cool bike gear and accessories around the clock and influenced by the riding conditions in every corner of the globe, all year round; their mission is to get more people cycling for everyday transport by developing gear that makes cycling safer, more comfortable, and more convenient.

Biologic  are really into stuff that go with urban commuting and innovation for cycling stuff. They bring you specialty gear and accessories for use in getting around on one of the most efficient machines ever made — the bicycle.

The products they carry help cyclists get from point A to B with a commitment to sustainability and well-designed products. Need a way to carry stuff on your bike? We can help you out. What about a case so you can use your phone on your commute? BioLogic  got you (and your phone) covered.


Biologic/Tern AM

  • My Bike Shop, 213 Henderson Rd #01-06 S159553 Contact Tel: 6274 3968
  • My Bike Shop Too! 26 Sinlogo Ming Lane #01-120 S573971  Contact  Tel: 6694 1750
  • My Bike Shop Tres  106 Faber Drive #01-106 S129415 Tel 6268 5323
  • BRU 9 Yishun Industrial St 1 #01-77 Northspring Bizhub S768163 Contact: 6717 3928
  • BRU2 67 Frankel Avenue S458194 Contact 6443 6284

Accesories can now be purchased online at E store, free delivery for Singapore Only

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