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Tern and Bickerton bicycles warrant their bicycle frames, handle posts and rigid forks for as long as the original purchaser owns the bicycle to be free of defects in materials and workmanship as per their warranty commitments found on their websites. In addition we warrant all non-wear components for a period of one year. Certain individual component warranties and local law may supersede this warranty policy. To file for warranty, you must present the original receipts and warranty cards.

This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of a defective frame, handlepost, fork or component, and is the sole remedy of the warranty. This warranty applies to the original retail purchaser of the bicycle and is non-transferable. This warranty only covers bicycles sold through authorized resellers

The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, abuse, stunt riding, commercial use, improper assembly or maintenance, installation of parts or accessories not originally intended or compatible, installation of power systems such as engines or electric motors, damage due to accident, weather or neglect, or modification of the bicycle.

Wear items are defined as; Tires, Tubes, Brake pads, Brake and gear cables and housing, Chains, gears, grips, and saddles.


· All damage resulting from Commercial use, accident, misuse, abuse, neglect, improper maintenance, or from anything other than the designed and ordinary use of the bicycle.

· For all damage resulting from off road or stunt riding, multiple passengers, or cargo hauling.


24 thoughts on “Bicycle Registration and warranty matters

  1. Hi,

    I would like to seek your advise on services provided by tern dealer.

    I’ve bought my Verge P18 on Jul 13 from MBS and installed accessories for my bike by their technician. If there are problems with the bike after the installation by MBS, should MBS rectify the fault and whether should they then charge a fee for the rectification.

    I love my Verge P18 but worry about the proficiency of the dealer in ensuring road worthiness of the bike sold. I’ve previous bad experience with MBS at MVC as they did not do a proper bike test to ensure the road worthiness of my bike when I bought it. 3 days after I have my bike, I sent it back to MBS to check the chain and to my horrid, my rear wheel dropped off from my bike when they mount the bicycle on the rack.

    If you can recommend another service centre, I’ll be more than happy to consider.


  2. Hi , bought my Bickerton in Jan this year , I just checked the bike and the wheel gear is full of rust , how is this possible. Is this under warranty ? Garry tel : 82825251

    1. Garry, not sure which model you purchased but there is a need to apply lubrication on the cassettes. Otherwise in high humidity weather in Singapore, it will rust. This is part and parcel of maintenance for bicycles.

  3. Hi, I bought my Bickerton Junction 1909 from My Bike Shop and I wanted to register the bikes but are not able to do so, there are some problem with your register page, it gave me the error 404 the page is not found error. Please look into this and advise on how I can register my bikes.



    1. Dear Ken, sorry to reply late but our host admin has confirmed that the link has been restored, there was firmware upgrade and caused the error. Let us know if you still face problems

  4. I am trying to register 2 Bickerton bikes that I bought from My Bike Shop in early March but the register page has been “404 Page Not Found” since then. The bike shop staff has not been of much help to resolve this. Please advise.

    1. Dear Desmond, apologies for this. Not their fault, we had some issues with the host and we thought we had fixed it. Give us 24 hrs to reinstate the link. Again apologies. LATEST update at 540pm, link has been fixed.

  5. Hi, I am planning to buy a Tern Verge N8 2015 from L&T cycle? Can I confirm the following –

    1) How long is the warranty?
    2) Warranty cover by T&C or Tern?
    3) Do I need to register the warranty?

    1. I believe that L&T would have answered your questions but we are happy to assist:

      1) How long is the warranty?

      Answer: 5 years against manufacturing defects as per Tern website
      2) Warranty cover by L&T or Tern?

      Answer: This is a local warranty where labour is by the local dealer and the parts (if within warranty is by Tern)

      3) Do I need to register the warranty?

      Answer : Yes and its matched against the first retail purchaser and the necessary Frame and Tag numbers.

  6. i have bought a Bickerton 2 days ago, have done the warranty registration, but i did not get any confirmation from my email so far, pls advise.

  7. Hi there, understand “bike warranty applies to the original buyer only”. Pls advise::

    – when we buy a used bike, if any problem or tech issues surface, the 2nd hand owner will not be able to make any claims from the manufacturer?

    – is $600 a fair price to pay for a used Tern Link D8 (year 2014)?


    1. SC, bike warranty is not transferable and this is industry practice. The 2015 Tern Link D8 is now S$799. We are unable to comment on secondhand bikes but we do recommend all buyers and sellers to observe the Lemon Law in Singapore.

  8. Hi there ,

    I have just purchased my new Tern Verge P20 bike but I have problem registering after I have entered the my Service Tag ( T6U04006 ) which they asked for the frame number ? Where can I find the frame number on the bike ????


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