The world leading PAB manufacturer who  has won awards in Taiwan,  Germany, Japan and USA is now available here in Singapore. The new BESV PS-1 pedal-1035_1134_mainassisted electric bicycle is all of these things, and more. Lightweight when you compare similar makes, the PS-1 is the perfect choice for urban riders, with our advanced proprietary Algorhythm power drive system ensuring the smoothest of rides, for daily commutes and fun rides around town.

Of course BESV has other forms and function but to comply with Singapore LTA’s rules, only <20kg  models are introduced.
BESV PS-1 pulling a child trailerWhen you buy a BESV from Luminari dealers, you get 5 years warranty on frame and 2 years on the electric kit. BESV only uses quality components
. The design is all about style and function and reliability. Using Sony batteries, this decision ensures that your recharging is efficient and the recharging cycle holds.photo_2016-06-06_17-01-53.jpg

One full charge provides you with 60km of assisted power and the 7 speed gearing allows you to cycle in case the battery truly depletes. With disc brakes and front suspension for comfort and reliable braking. The BESV PS-1 is a logical choice for urban PABs.


Design philosophy is all about understanding why PABs are purchased and how it should function.

Awards won :

China Cycle Creative Award.
Japan Good Design Award (G-Mark) Best 100.
Golden Pin Design Award
German Red Dot Award

Colours available : White, Red and Yellow.


BESV boss
Andy Su, President of Darfon. BESV is a subsidiary of Darfon





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