Michelin Road and MTB series hits Singapore authorised dealers

Yes it has taken a long time but the wait is worth it as we have the most popular series and prices you do not need not contend with michelin-manexchange rates or GST payments when you  buy online OR worry about after sales if you are buying from unauthorised sources.

The MICHELIN PRO4 Competition range includes the exact tire for your needs, optimised for speed and performance, resistance against punctures and grip in extreme conditions. Pro $ service course, Endurance V2, Comp, Grip and Tubular series are available for sale.

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POWER series. The top-end Power Competition, available in 23 and 25mm widths and weighing 190 and 210g respectively, is claimed to produce 25% less rolling resistance than the previous Pro4 Service Course, with a 10 watt saving over 40km at 35kph. It also claims to have improved puncture protection with an aramid Protek belt underneath the tread.
Power Endurance, a tyre available in 23, and 25 mm widths. It’s a bit heavier than the Competition, weighing 220, 230 respectively. Rather than the Competition’s 180tpi, the Endurance uses an 110tpi construction, but with the same aramid, Protek puncture belt.

This is a tyre that is designed to be more robust and longer lasting, so ideal for training, with the X-MILES Compound being more resistant to cuts. Michelin reckons it offers a 30% reduction in rolling resistance, equating to an 8.6 watt saving, compared to the outgoing Pro4 Endurance it replaces.
Lastly, there’s the new Power All Season, which replaces the Pro4 Grip tyre. It’s a bit heavier again, at 235g for the 23mm version, 270g for the 25mm. The tyre has a lower thread per inch count of 60 tpi, with a Grip Compound rubber tread designed to function well in low temperatures.

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Lets move to MTB wth a focus on 26 and 27.2 incher with profiles of 1.1, 2.25 and 2.35.

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