Putting the BESV PS-1 to the test

Putting a Tern Vizy rear light and Xeccon 300 Lumens Link front light. I went exploring and ended up meeting some friends at Seletar. Man, if you think owning a legal, LTA approved PAB (Pedal Assisted Bicycle)suggests that you do not get an exercise? Think again!. The PS-1, 7 speed was designed for city cycling and for most – once you hit 30-31km/h after the mandated 25km/h assistance cutoff, you will run out of gears. I could get about 42k/h down slope but on straights 30km/h was as best as I could and spun like a lab mice. Uphills the PS-1 performed beautifully. Assistance just enough to keep you going. Am going back to the authorised dealer to see if we can change the cassette from 7 speeds to 9 speeds. Overall great design and great PAB( Pedal Assisted Bike) that can carry loads of payload (25kg). Again, no throttle and cutoff at 25km/h. This bike will put you through your paces





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